What kind of game do you want? We deliver fantasy. We also deliver sci-fi, cosmic horror, steampunk, espionage, cyberpunk, and just about any other genre you want. We'll design a game session or a weekend of game sessions for you and your friends that will leave you wanting more.

Our professional GMs, all vetted and tested by us, deliver edge of the seat gaming that will immerse you in your character. We run a variety of popular roleplaying games with both off the shelf products and our own GMs personally designed and tested game modules.

Whether you want an afternoon game with one GM for a half dozen players or you want an entire weekend filled with multiple game tables for dozens of players, we can accommodate your needs.

In addition, we can arrange catering services for a day or an entire weekend; hotel, campground or event locations, event setup, services, and specialty add-ons such as custom t-shirts, posters, and event remembrances.  Everything to make your event the most incredible gaming you and your friends have ever experienced.

We can also write a game specifically for you. Our GMs bring together hundreds of years of experience at the gaming table, let us design your epic!

Pricing is subject to each particular event.

Our basic "Green Dragon" package of one GM running one game for up to six players for between four and six hours begins under $200 plus travel, roughly $30.00 per player. This package includes a professional GM to your supplied location, e-invites for all your players, a Dark Phoenix dice bag for yourself, bonus swag for your players, all game materials and an incredible immersive gaming event.

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Sample of games we have run.

Cosmic horror!

An event custom T-shirt design!



An event custom Poster design!