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I recently had the pleasure to attend several Dark Phoenix events at the Total Confusion Gaming Convention. I had such a great time. Their coordinators were fantastic, organized and kept the fun moving along. They explained the events, the rules (if any) and pretty much left us participants to worry about the “having fun” part. I played one Standard RPG with a game master that blew me away. He told a fantastic story and drew everyone in. In the end, we got lucky and saved the day. I also tried a new game where Dark Phoenix acted as more as a coordinator than a storyteller due to the games nature. It was set up in a very innovated way which really made it easy for us to concentrate on the game and having fun. By the end we were all laughing so hard there were tears of joy. The games I participated in that were run by this group were the best of the con, and made it such an enjoyable weekend. Five stars to these fantastic coordinators and game masters.
— Ron Cote
As the Media Director of Total Confusion Game Convention, I would not hesitate to recommend Dark Phoenix Events to anyone wishing to have a fully dynamic experience that is stress free for the host and fun for all. I am fully aware of the requirements needed to deliver a great gaming event and I have attended two of their events. From pre-planning to on-site coordination, they do not disappoint. More importantly, Scott and Petra have a wonderful way of interacting with the surrounding environment and crowd. Their years of gaming experience shine through as they flow in the moment, tailoring the event as it progresses, to give people a truly one of a kind memorable event. Not only do I eagerly look forward to attending more of their events, it is my intention to use their services in the future.
— Angelia Parenteau
I have attended many Dark Phoenix events and they are always a great time. From hotel mini-cons to camping trips. From murder mystery dinners to LARPs. Their events are the best. They are affiliated with some of the best horror GMs I have ever had the pleasure of gaming with, but they run any game, any genre, any place. Whether you like Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, or a homebrew system, they’ve got something for you. Hook up with Dark Phoenix. You won’t regret it!
— Tony Sorrentino
As the Chef/Owner of My Chef Lara I have worked with Dark Phoenix Events many times. They are consummate professionals and I enjoy each and every event. I have even been a participant a few times and they never fail to please. I highly recommend their services to make any event a fabulous time. Their gaming events are bar none and their parties, well the word I hear most often is EPIC! For a time you and your guests will never forget I suggest you start talking to them now. I am both a vendor who respects them greatly and a satisfied customer. Life is too short - go have fun now!
— Lara Moritz, Chef/Owner of My Chef Lara
“Dark Phoenix events are always a blast! The themed parties are meticulously planned and carefully executed, with plots set in motion weeks in advance when guests receive their character histories and a description of the scenario. Some people use this time to put together elaborate costumes for their character and the theme, and part of the fun is seeing who your friends show up as and what they’re wearing. During the event guests interact, trying to figure out the mystery at hand while furthering their own secret agendas. All the while the hosts monitor the interaction, nudging people here and there and intervening with announcements of clues and new developments. The plots are complex enough to keep everyone engaged in the storyline as it unfolds, but also flexible enough to accommodate last-minute cancellations or additions, and to allow people to participate however actively they choose. If you’re planning a party for a group of friends, a themed party will add an extra dimension to make it a really memorable event. If you’re planning a party for people who don’t know each other well, a themed party is a great vehicle to get your guests to interact and have a good time meeting new people. In either case, Dark Phoenix Events will make it a worry-free event. Even the food is planned and themed. It’s like a party in a box!
— Geoff Hodge
Over the past three decades I’ve written, directed and performed on television, community theater, murder mysteries for famous chain hotels and LARPs at ORIGINS and GENCON, so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to creating an atmosphere that encourages and supports improvisation when dealing with non-professionals.
I was impressed with Dark Phoenix Events. Since this is a brand new venture, their attention to detail and determination for customer satisfaction came as a pleasant surprise. This quickly turned to admiration as I experienced their many services and the genuine friendliness that encompasses all that they do.
Dark Phoenix Events begins one of their events with an eye-catching social invitation on Social Media. They update the information regularly. When you arrive at the Event, the site is decorated to help “put you in the mood”. The staff is dressed in costumes with appropriate accessories. Props are distributed throughout the available rooms. The games are entertaining and the game masters knowledgeable.
The catering aspect was unexpected, yet very much appreciated, quite a difference from the regular chip and dip cuisine. Full meals, appetizers, desserts and snacks were offered for vegans as well as omnivores.
Overall, I am more than happy to give my endorsement to the hard working people keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes of Dark Phoenix Events. They are creative yet practical which are two major factors I look for in a company that provides this type of specialized business.
When I’m ready for adventure, I know who to contact -
Scott and Petra, Dark Phoenix Events
— Denise Rabidou
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